The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.
-Joseph Campbell

I am a licensed psychotherapist providing adult, adolescent, and couples therapy in Santa Barbara, California. My goal is to provide you with a supportive environment to foster healing, acceptance, life-satisfaction, and increased insight.

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Taryn Holvick, MA, MFT


It is never too late to heal. There can be moments in life when we realize we have been repeating the same unwanted patterns, or feel unsure of how to navigate through a particularly challenging event. Therapy can provide a greater sense of clarity. It can help us to untangle the thread that weaves our story – to create a pathway on our journey.

As a therapist I am empathic, supportive, and gently directive when necessary. With a background in depth psychology, I tailor my approach to meet the needs of each individual client. I incorporate Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), coping strategies and use mindfulness-based approaches. I work with my clients to expand their resilience and heal their wounds.

My background includes school-based counseling with children and adolescents and over 10 years treating adults and couples who are navigating relationship issues or are experiencing depression, anxiety, PTSD, low self-esteem, and life transitions including pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

In addition to my therapy practice I serve as adjunct faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute in the MA Counseling Psychology program. My passions include the outdoors, surfing, and community.

I look forward to the opportunity to assist you on your pathway to wholeness.